Meiringen Air Base Command

Meiringen Air Base Command

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Meiringen Air Base (Meiringen Flugplatz) is a Swiss military airfield located near the town of Meiringen, in the canton of Bern. It is one of three main air bases of the Swiss Air Force.

The airfield is situated in the steep-sided alpine valley of the Aar river, with its single runway parallel to the river and the mountain ranges. It is flanked to the north by the main road to Meiringen, the river, and the Brünig railway line. To the south, taxiways connect the airfield to aircraft caverns built within the valley side.

Meiringen is probably most famous for the caverns built into the mountains that house the base fighter aircraft. They were built back in 1952 for the De Havilland Vampire jet aircraft which at the time formed the backbone of the Swiss Air Force. From June 1979 the Northrop F-5E/F's took up residence and are still to be found here to this day serving with Fleigerstaffel 8 along with the newer FA-18C/D Hornets from Fighter Squadron 11.

In 1998 the famous underground hangars began to be modified to receive the new F/A-18's. Further construction to its infrastructure started in 1999 under 'Project Luce', following the closure of Dubendorf air base. The FA-18's of Fighter Squadron 11 based at Dubendorf were moved to Meiringen which was designated as a wartime and training airfield.

Meiringen Air Base

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